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Sample sex chat list

What guys like me want: Ladies, y'all are royalty when we fuck.

We men have erections to maintain, ejaculation to control, orgasms to coax out of you, our performance to consider, not to mention these goofy bodies with their awkward dangly bits. We're absolutely thrilled that you're here, naked, and willing...

Playing roles, both subtle and overt, really helps us get there.

We can act the way we want to act without guilt, shame, or incongruence tripping us up, and just become an open conduit for our love, lust, and desire.

Just go past it, learn to get lost in it, don't judge or withdraw.

Like the girl who posted the long list of shit guys should or shouldn't do, I am not capable of speaking on behalf of my entire gender.

Hopefully this is somewhat representative, but I can't make any promises, and I hope you can forgive me for that.

I wrote the Dirty Talk 101 post about a month ago, and a fair number of people (like girl_with_questions) have asked for a guide for girls talking to guys. Thus, I have never talked dirty a guy, much less to a representative statistical sampling of guys, and consequently my only qualification for writing this guide is that I like it when chicks dig their nails into my back and growl nasty things in my ear.

I am a dude who has slept with a modest number of women, but zero guys.

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For you dominant girls there's an unfortunate lack of demeaning names to call guys, which is sad. Dominant Yeah, I have to agree with keruha here, "mister" sets a completely different mood than "master". "Master", on the other hand, would suggest that I have more power in our dynamic than I am actually comfortable with wielding: I'm not comfortable at this time with the master/slave dynamic, I don't want to "own" anyone and my aversion to the idea is extreme enough that I have not yet been able to reconcile it even in role-playing. Some guys will be really turned off by "mister", so use "master" if they're cool with that.