Sccm collections not updating update collection membership xtian dating system

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Sccm collections not updating update collection membership

As I'm sure you will agree the annoyance of the the old Update Collection Membership and then refresh the console is a blight on our day - but when that little red eggtimer WILL NOT DISAPPEAR it sends my SCCM OCD twitching and I just cannot carry on with my day until I've sorted it...

Finally I spotted a few references to AV related issues (which I suspected were responsible for another issue I have with slow PXE boots).

Collections that are query-based, however, can be automatically updated by Configuration Manager.

Normally, this is done based on the schedule that you set when creating a collection.

Which I could update to and see if its sorted, but they do specify many issues can carry accross in the upgrade so it's best to get them sorted first. Now the hourglass just wont go away, have had it there for over a week. SCCM has a habit of doing some decent logging, what about the log files on the server and viewing them with cmtrace when you try and add to a collection i've troubleshot several problems with the existing sccm at work and have used the logfiles many times to work out whats going on (or what was not) hasn't been any changes to account rights on sccm itself, or any of the service / network accounts your system uses?

I went to google it yesterday and came across the fact there's a new SCCM version (current branch). So I'm doing this and they are not moving and the hourglass appears.

My scope is domain machines and that portion is working fine.

"The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. Hi, did you check the corresponding discovery logs to see if something is going wrong? Can you check to see if your clients have been extended the attribute of group... (towards the end) Batuhan Cetin: I ran the discoveries while monitoring the logs and they kicked off and completed in less than a minute of initiating the manual discovery. And yes, the collection runs on a schedule, every 24 hours at midnight.

I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs and inspect your discovery logs for each method. No errors showed up while watching the log files in SMS Trace. I don't have it do queries often because I don't want it to sit there jabbering all day. I also checked your first link and deleted my old query and created a new one following the steps above. I also checked your second link and verified that yes, the client that should no longer be there has the group name still. I just added a new one to the AD group and it showed up immediately after running the discovery.

(Pre-installed collections update once per day by default.) A collection is also automatically updated whenever a collection is modified or a linked collection is deleted.

It is sometimes useful, however, to update a collection outside of the normal schedule, a process referred to as "forcing an update." You can force an update to all collections at once or to any individual collection at any point in time.

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