Scott clifton dating

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Scott clifton dating

I didn't know that they flashed to her [during my acceptance speech]. She's so beautiful." Tognoni previously won two Supporting Actress trophies as Dinah Marler on Guiding Light.

She also spent eight years as Kelly Cramer on One Life to Live and admits that she does think about her past daytime roles. I believe that God pushes you in certain directions that you're meant to go in, and the character of Kelly, the character of Dinah on Guiding Light, and the character of Phyllis are all characters that were meant for me to play. She was a light spirit." Despite having already heard her name mentioned on past Emmy Nights, winning an Emmy is not something that Tognoni takes for granted.

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Scott kicked off his career in the music industry as a disc jockey and also dabbled in community theatre before being picked up by Storm Modeling Management, an agency which also represented models like Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson.

When asked if he wanted to enter himself into the Lead Actress category next year, Clifton mused, "Yeah, talk about a glass ceiling I'm going to break! " Clifton is the first actor from The Bold and the Beautiful to win in the Lead Actor category.

I never went into it thinking I was going to copy her in any way.

Robin Strasser [ex-Dorian Lord, One Life to Live], who is a woman who taught me quite a bit about acting at One Life to Live, always said, 'Put your thumbprint on your character.' And I think I'm just starting to do that now, and I'm three years into it.

Michelle and I share that same, I think, quality that we want to embrace it, because it's easier that way. I owned it for the time that it was mine.' She's such a great actress.

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She should have gotten an package of Ketchup chips.