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” Basically the developer wants to run Excel programmatically as a COM server without any human intervention.I’ve seen folks recommend “workbook.xls” and making sure that the macro you want to execute is called from the Workbook_Open() event. The Excel developer would have to use the state machine methodology I mentioned previously, which is just a pain in the %$$.Hello, The beginning of t he code I am writing turns off screen updating, but the screen still updates as the code runs.

The code is not neat at all, I am no SW programmer. Sub Process Files_All() Dim Filename, Pathname, New Path, File Source, File Destination As String Dim wb As Workbook Dim Testing Mode As Integer Dim This Range(1 To 4) As Variant Testing Mode = 0 If Testing Mode = 1 Then This Range(1) = "B2: CG18" This Range(2) = "CT2: CT18" This Range(3) = "CH2: CN18" This Range(4) = "CN2: CS18" Rows("201"). Delete Shift:=xl Up End If If Testing Mode = 0 Then This Range(1) = "B2: CG18201" This Range(2) = "CT2: CT18201" This Range(3) = "CH2: CN18201" This Range(4) = "CN2: CS18201" End If ‘ speed up the macro, turn off updating and alerts Application. Display Alerts = False ‘ Here is my code that manipulates the cell values from digits (values read by sensors need to be “translated” into real world values. ‘Then I copy the whole thing into just numbers, there are no longer formulas, easier to work this way. Hello experts i have this macro (which calls macros in other workbooks) and the Application. Screen Updating=false is not working Here is my code: Application. Screen Updating = False To stop screen updating, but where my Macro is updating Tables, the screen still changes.Whenever you have a task to automate, you can usually go down the VBA route. Maybe later you add some features here-and-there, making your VBA code more powerful. Color = vb White End If i = i 1 Next cell ' offset i to alternate column coloring i = i 1 Next repeat Msg Box "Total time was: " & (Timer - start Time) End Sub Before moving on, let’s get a better understanding of why this is taking so long. Color = vb White End If i = i 1 Next cell ' offset i to alternate column coloring i = i 1 Next repeat Msg Box "Total time was: " & (Timer - start Time) Application.

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Your screen will show each action your VBA code performs. It’s a good practice to disable screen updating to decrease total run time.

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