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The bar was a dirty looking club, with rough looking guys sitting around smoking and drinking.

The first thing I noticed was that there were no women at all in the bar! continue Life up here in the New England boondocks is pretty bleak in the winter time, and when you are working a late night shift in a gas station somewhere off the Throughway, it can get boring and lonely.

Suddenly my eyes are drawn away from the tube by approaching headlights. Through the darkness and the falling snow, I can see a fellow getting out of the cab and walking towards the office.

Company is always welcome on this late shift even if its going to be only for a few minutes while he fills his tank..

There was Bob, he was from a small town just like me and we kind of connected right away.I don't much like reading books and the middle of the night local TV stations don't offer a hell of a lot of choices.So I am sitting here watching an old 1940s film with Tallulah and William Bendix about a bunch of people in a lifeboat." The man made a snorting sound and shot back, "You little bitches are all alike, just waiting to be picked up and fucked!" Hearing the crude talk from this total stranger caused an immediate reaction in Blake as his pecker turned into a piece of hot blue steel!!!

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As I wandered through, I saw that about half of them were full and of this 20 or so rooms, more than half of the guys in them were sailors who had left their doors open just a little or they were checking out the place like me...

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