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Weirdly I randomly went to one of the few places that offered a hj on my first attempt at a massage in Angeles.I don’t even know why I chose this place, but 20 minutes into the massage when the girls hands had already touched my balls 3 times I knew extras would be available.Out of all of my attempts I have only ever found 1 girl that was worth it. I got her number through a PM on a sexpat message board after I was bitching about not being able to find a sex massage having just flown over from Pattaya.Considering Angeles is the number 1 sexpat destination in the Philippines you would assume that there has to be a good massage extras option available right? When living there I had done some research on massages in Angeles and it didn’t sound promising, but I still wanted to try and find one.They put a bunch of cute girls out there knowing suckers (like me) will pay to get a cute girl in their room for 300 pesos.Especially after looking at below average looking bar girls all night that cost 2kish to barfine. As much as I would love to tell you that there is a good option for sex massage in Angeles, there just isn’t.

When the therapist moved the towel I could see the shock in her eyes (she snuck a peek hehehe.) She told me no extras would be available, and at the end when I asked and offered a tip she declined.One girl actually stopped after 20 minutes trying to say the hour was up.Angeles massage girls are a total money grab and they don’t even try to hide it.Of course Asian massages are also known for their happy endings, but sadly the Philippines is not a good country for that.Maybe you landed on this page from a search for: Even though there are plenty of prostitutes here, surprisingly you don’t see much naughty stuff going on in Philippines massage parlors. If you don’t mind overpaying for a handjob then you can probably find a decent massage hj if you look hard enough.

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Still, would be so much better with a blowjob at the end.