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These continue to exist as "national sections" of the federal party, which presents itself in regional and local contests as Lega Lombarda–Lega Nord, Liga Veneta–Lega Nord, Lega Nord–Piemont and so on.The League exploited resentment against Rome's centralism (with the famous slogan Roma ladrona, which loosely means "Rome big thief") and the Italian government, common in Northern Italy as many Northerners felt that the government wasted resources collected mostly from Northerners' taxes.You can choose your language settings from within the program.without changing its official name in the party's statute.

The party's founder was Umberto Bossi, federal secretary from 1991 to 2012.

Giancarlo Giorgetti and Lorenzo Fontana are deputy secretaries.

Leading members include Attilio Fontana (President of Lombardy), Luca Zaia (President of Veneto), Massimiliano Fedriga (President of Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Nicoletta Spelgatti (President of Aosta Valley), Roberto Calderoli, Gian Marco Centinaio and Massimo Bitonci.

The party was nonetheless frequently referred to only as "Lega" even before the rebranding.

The LN is often also referred to as Carroccio (a reference to a four-wheeled war altar used in the Middle Ages) by the Italian media.

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The two parties, along with other regionalist outfits, ran as Alleanza Nord in the 1989 European Parliament election, gaining 1.8% of the vote.

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