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Additionally, sexual concerns can also be the result of a medical condition, medications, stress or relationship difficulties.I specialize in helping people and partner(s) resolve their sexual concerns, along with other psychological issues, using a broad base of treatment approaches.""I provide therapeutic services and support to help individuals and partner(s) who are experiencing sexual concerns.It's important to know that post-deployment stress responses are normal reactions to abnormal events...""Do you have a family member or loved one who served in the military and suffers from combat-related stress?It's important to know that post-deployment stress responses are normal reactions to abnormal events...""For the past two decades, I have been helping successful people become happier and more satisfied with all aspects of their life - at work and at home.If you are experiencing pelvic pain, unconsummated marriage, sexual anxiety, sexual aversion, libido concerns, infidelity, and other sexual concerns, you have come to the right place.""Do you wish for a better sex life? We can help light the way to a happier life, healthier relationship and more satisfaction in the bedroom.

Combat-related stress might negatively impact intimacy, sexual desire and can cause ruptures in relationships.

We all need help at one point or another in our lives.

Seeking help for relationship struggles, sexual problems, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling depressed or 'stuck', is a great step forward towards feeling better.

With 10 years of experience in the field of sex therapy, women and couples just like you come to me for my expertise in female sexual dysfunction and intimacy concerns.

This practice is designed to help women feel better about themselves and to empower them to live meaningful lives with rewarding relationships.

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Interventions include psychoeducation about sex, mindfulness exercises, and repairing relationship issues.""Sexuality and relationships are complex, and sex therapy is not just about sex.