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But what 42-year-old Valencia Carthen is accused of is nothing to be proud of. A criminal complaint says in December, Carthen went to talk to a sexual assault victim, trying to get her to not testify against 39-year-old Jason Cunningham -- Carthen's boyfriend and the suspect in the sexual assault case.

According to police reports, Cunningham is married but Carthen is one of possibly three other girlfriends.

"It's like, I didn't find out about it until today. I guess it's something you wouldn't expect," said student Isaiah Chambliss.Look at it this way: More women are on the market, and they're primed to connect.But men are looking to meet them over martinis—and are going home alone and broke. Parks, a University of Washington communication researcher and author of , has determined that 75 percent of the people who dated extensively the year before said they had help from a friend."Our research has shown that two-thirds of people who initiate a romantic relationship had met at least one of the dozen or so members of their partner's closest social network prior to meeting their part ner for the first time," says Parks, "and nearly half had met two or three." If you know Tom, and Tom knows Betty, then there's a greater chance you'll meet Betty. The average guy would have difficulty mustering enough friends to round out a Fave 5, according to a 2006 survey in .And if Tom also knows Susan, Heather, and Kimberly . In fact, our close social networks have shrunk by almost a third since 1985.

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  2. But as online dating becomes more prevalent — right now it's the second most common way for heterosexual American couples to meet and the most common way for homosexual American couples to meet — it could have a meaningful impact on the divorce rate, and on overall relationship happiness.