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She asks who the girl wants to call and, trying to remain calm, Charlotte says her parents. 'I bet they are going to be horrified when they realize their daughter is a drug mule! 'Make sure it's all empty up in there.' As she says this, Officer Wright unfolds the jumpsuit to reveal a strapless dildo. Officer Wells begins to take off her clothes while explaining exactly what is going to happen.' Charlotte starts to breakdown, partially pleading for mercy while also defending herself. Both her and her partner are going to take turns probing the suspect.Cutie gets old sandwich for help Two grandpas travel in search of new impressions.They arrive into a new town but accidently get lost. So what should they do in order to find their hotel and to spend a night in a cozy place instead of sleeping under the bridge?Grandpas want to thank the cutie for help and they invite her into their room for a spicy sandwich. Bubble Butt Babe Kattie Hill Gets Banged by Tattoo Artist Bubble butt babe Kattie Hill gets fucked by her hot tattoo artist Dean Van Damme.His big dick pounds her perfect pussy hole until he cums all over her ass! Katy Rose, Charlie Dean - Girl On A Bicycle Naughty brunette Katy Rose wants to spend a sexy moment with Charlie Dean. The sexual energy between them is extremely palpable. Booked NAIVE TEENAGER ARRESTED AND FUCKED BY TWO CORRECTIONS OFFICERS SCENE OPENS one night as Charlotte, an anxious looking 18-year-old girl, follows her boyfriend Max along a dirt road.She urges him to find the spot and hurry up before someone notices.They walk aimlessly, unable to find the water tower until Max, growing frustrated, suggests they stop and drink instead.

Charlotte looks down at the sadistic female officer. Her boyfriend is known to police and she might very well be concealing something up in there. 'He's an artist.' Both officers laugh, as Officer Wells stands back up and gets very close to Charlotte's face. Officer Wright nonchalantly tells her there is only one way to make sure she's telling the truth. 'We need to clean your pussy out,' Officer Wells cuts in.She has been waiting here since her arrest the previous evening. Several awkward moments pass before the outer doors open and Officer Wright enters.Without saying a word, the male corrections officer unlocks the cell and removes the other woman.She hands her uniform to her partner and picks up the strap-on.'All you have to do is comply to this extra cavity search and prove that you have nothing inside of you,' She continues, slipping the dildo in.

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He pulls out an unmarked 40-ounce bottle from his bag and takes a swig, as Charlotte watches the road.

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