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STRENGTHENING WHAT WORKS ~ PREVENTING INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE IN IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE COMMUNITIES, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, NJ: April 2014. STRATEGIC DIRECTION FOR INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE PREVENTION ~ PROMOTING RESPECTFUL, NONVIOLENT INTIMATE PARTNER RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH INDIVIDUAL, COMMUNITY, AND SOCIETAL CHANGE (full report and one pager), National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Atlanta, GA: 2011.A lot of people wanted to take a knee on Harper Grace’s 2012 national anthem — which since went viral — but the now-16-year-old singer just totally redeemed herself on “American Idol.” The singer-songwriter from Texas wowed all three judges on the new ABC version of the singing competition, first performing an original (we assume is) titled “Yard Sale.” She then blew them away further with an even-more capable cover.Grace’s chops prompted Katy Perry to hijack the high-schooler’s dream board and officially welcome her to Hollywood.Whoever wins has a tough road getting there, and an even tougher climb up this ladder of the highest "Idol" alumni in album sales.“Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard have their own language, partial to the most grammatically-challenged and stupefying vocabulary lurking in the dankest sewers of the English dialect, but not residing firmly in any specific one of them so no truly proper translation can be obtained.BENEFITS AND COSTS OF PREVENTION AND EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAMS FOR YOUTH, Steve Aos, Roxanne Lieb, Jim Mayfield, Marna Miller and Annie Pennucci, Washington State Institute Public Policy, Olympia, WA: September 17, 2004. UNDERSTANDING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PREVENTION AND INTERVENTION STRATEGIES TO STOP SEXUAL VIOLENCE, Caroline Palmer, Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, St. THE UNITY URBAN AGENDA FOR PREVENTING VIOLENCE BEFORE IT OCCURS BRINGING A MULTI-SECTOR PREVENTION APPROACH TO SCALE IN US CITIES, Urban Networks to Increase Thriving Youth through Violence Prevention, Oakland, CA: June April 28, 2010.COMMENTARY ON FOUBERT, GODIN & TATUM (2010) THE EVOLUTION OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND THE URGENCY FOR EFFECTIVENESS (abstract), Andra Teten Tharp, Sarah De Gue, Karen Lang, Linda Anne Valle, Greta Massetti, Melissa Holt and Jennifer Matjasko, COMMUNITY VIDEO PROJECT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: A TOOLKIT, Lauren Goodsmith and Angela Acosta, Communication for Change, Brooklyn, NY; US AID, Washington, DC; and American Refugee Committee International, Minneapolis, MN: 2011. , Leah Perkinson, Kimberley Freire and Meredith Stocking, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA: 2017.

25 times, including multiple times as “good good.” The only word they use more is “girl”—used a whopping 42 times.DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION: A HISTORY OF MILESTONES AND ACHIEVEMENTS, National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, Harrisburg, PA: March 2013. USING RAPIST RISK FACTORS TO SET AN AGENDA FOR RAPE PREVENTION, Raymond A.Copyright © 2013 National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. ~ ..., David Lee, Prevent Connect, Mary Lauby, Jane Doe Inc.: The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Monika Johnson Hostler, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, consultant Joan Tabachnick and Isa Woldeguiorguis, Center for Hope and Healing. Schoeny, Jack Zwanziger and Sage Kim, February 2012. Knight and Judith Sims-Knight, National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, Harrisburg, PA: September 2009.PREVENTING FAMILY VIOLENCE ~ LESSONS FROM THE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVE, Kelly Clark-Mitchell and Angela Autry, Futures Without Violence, San Francisco, CA. Successful Strategies and Lessons Learned in Developing Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention Programming (abstract), Patricia G. Copyright © 2001-2014 Rood Wood Johnson Foundation.

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