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It means that the number of people who leave Latvia to settle permanently in another country (emigrants) will prevail over the number of people who move into the country (to which they are not native) in order to settle there as permanent residents (immigrants).

According to our estimations, daily change rates of Latvia population in 2018 will be the following: As of 1 January 2018, the population of Latvia was estimated to be 1,910,547 people.

The productive part of population accordingly consists of population between 15 and 64 years.

This ratio shows the pressure on productive population produced by the dependent part of population.

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During 2018 Latvia population is projected to decreased by -22,583 people and reach 1,887,964 in the beginning of 2019.

The total area of Latvia is 64,590 km Source: Pew Research Center.

The Global Religious Landscape: A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Major Religious Groups as of 2010 .

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