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Kuperberg believes this also, as you shall see below, though her current work is mostly focused on the risk of partnering up at too young an age. Based on headlines and some stories in the media, many people may come to believe that there are no risks inherent in some patterns of cohabitation. Her bio says one of her interests is “examining (and sometimes overturning) modern day myths about romantic relationships.” I would say that her purported findings are consistent with this professional interest.

Before I go further, I should note that social scientists do not have any control over headlines and have little control over the content of stories on their work. Premarital cohabitation and marital dissolution: An examination of recent marriages.

Arielle Kuperberg, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, finds that when accounting for the age of moving in together, there is no difference in divorce rates between cohabiters and those who moved in after marriage. In analyzing the risk for divorce associated with cohabiting prior to marriage, Kuperberg focused on the age that people moved in together rather than the age at which people marry, finding that the former is more important than the latter in understanding divorce risk. The impact of the transition to cohabitation on relationship functioning: Cross-sectional and longitudinal findings. doi: 10.1037/a0028316; for evidence that constraints make staying together more likely, regardless of dedication to be together, see Rhoades, G.

“Cohabitation does not cause divorce — yay,” Kuperberg told Live Science, adding the exclamation because about two-thirds of new marriages in the United States start with cohabitation. When she controls for the age people were when they moved in with their partners, the association between cohabiting prior to marriage and divorce gets weaker than it otherwise seems to be.

The headlines above were sparked by a study just published in the . Predicting dating relationship stability from four aspects of commitment.

The study’s author is Arielle Kuperberg of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

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You can tell in some media reports that what Kuperberg was suggesting from her study was nuanced, but that does not mean that the average consumer of such headlines and stories understood a nuanced story or how cohabitation could be associated with potential risks for her or him. The timing of cohabitation and engagement: Impact on first and second marriages.

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