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Sheree whitfield man dating scandal

His name is Tyrone, but he goes by “OG.” One of the sources claims to have seen Sheree visit him on two occasion.The source also added that Tyrone calls himself Sheree’s “husband,” but it’s unclear if they’re actually married or even engaged.The name Tyrone Gilliams might sound familiar because he was featured on reality show back in 2011 and was the cause of Sheree and Nene Leakes’ epic argument, the one where Nene claims to be a “very rich bitch” and Sheree responds by urging Nene to “get your teeth fixed.” Tyrone presented himself as a Philadelphia promoter and philanthropist.However, he turned out to be nothing more than a fraud. So don’t expect Sheree to confirm the relationship and it most likely won’t ever become a storyline on RHOA.He was sentenced 10 years in prison in 2013 after stealing nearly million from investors in a Ponzi scheme. However, between Sheree, Phaedra Parks, and Teresa Giudice, the Real Housewives definitely love a man with a criminal record. Ne Ne Leakes, who has had a bit of a past with Tyrone, has had the most to say among the Georgia Peaches about Shereé's new beau, going so far as to call him a "con artist" earlier this season.

Sources say she’s been literally been “calling Tyrone” and, if the rumor is true, he may currently be in jail.

There are rumors circulatng that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Sheree Whitfield is dating (or possibly already married) to inmate Tyrone Gilliams.

Many fans will remember Tyrone from his previous appearance on "RHOA" when he caused a feud between Sheree and Ne Ne Leakes.

En route to a girls’ trip in San Francisco, Whitfield said she began dating Tyrone Gilliams after they lost touch for four years.

Following eight months of courtship, the owner of Chateau Shereé said they split — and she had no idea he was sentenced to prison.“I didn’t know he went away! “We stopped talking before he went to prison because he didn’t want to get me involved in any of that.”But prison didn’t keep the two apart and Whitfield told People magazine that Gilliams, who is in federal prison after being convicted of wire fraud schemes, is “my best friend.”Related: Eyebrow-Raising Romances5 Rappers Who’ve Shed Their Player Image and Admitted They Were In Love Year After Prince Harry Defended Her, Meghan Markle Gets New Round of Racist Reaction During Engagement Jhené Aiko’s Big Sean Tattoo Is Raising Eyebrows But Others Insist It’s Her Choice However, Twitter users aren’t so sure about the guy she was rumored in August to have married.

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Prosecutors charged Gilliams with misappropriating $5 million from two group of investors in connection with the Treasury Strips scheme and $450,000 from an investment in a Utah coal mine.

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