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Shy girl dating shy guy

Let him help you with the studies or give him a tutoring session yourself.

Talk about your hobbies, studies, school break plans, etc. If you think that a direct conversation might be too intimidating think about first befriending him on the social media.It will be easier for him than having an initial conversation face to face.Try leaving a nice comment for one of his posts etc.3. A shy guy might take his time with his reply but it should not intimidate you. Shy men might have issues asking girls out on a date but it does not mean that you should give up.So, hitch up your pants, take charge in your hands and pick a comfortable place for your date.Please don't overthink till your neurons burst like firecrackers, just decide on a place and timing without humming and hawing over it.

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Your shy girl is like that turtle that won't come out of its shell until it is sure about its surroundings.