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With that fall comes an end to roads and general infrastructure and, amid this chaotic climate, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes invade Britain from the east while Irish King Donnchadh’s (David Patrick O’Hara) forces invade Cornwall from the west.

In one of these villages, Tristan (James Franco) is raised by Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell), who lost his hand trying to protect the boy during the Irish raid that killed Tristan’s family.

She went to Fox Main Scholl and pursued her level in philosophy from your University or college of Cambridge.From 20th Century Fox ABOUT THE STORY A tale of epic battles, royal intrigue and a timeless, star-crossed passion, TRISTAN & ISOLDE is a long-time dream project of executive producers Tony Scott and Ridley Scott.“You have two people who are on two separate sides where a relationship is impossible, yet they come together,” says Ridley Scott, director/producer of the Academy Award-winning epic “Gladiator” as well as the acclaimed “Kingdom of Heaven.” “It’s a story with epic scope, rooted in common human behavior that is timeless.” The myth of Tristan & Isolde originated as a Celtic legend from the Dark Ages, an historical period about which little is known, that took place between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.Sophia Myles was created in London, Britain in March 1980.Sophia pursued performing after she was discovered by Julian Fellowes within a college play.

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She was also nominated for the same award in the British Indie Film Awards.