Sophmore dating freshman

Posted by / 02-Jan-2020 19:11

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But even at 18, I feel like it's wierd that they'd date someone in their 20s. There is a HUGE difference between most 17 & 18 year olds, and most people in (even) their early 20s.

We make a LOT of changes, and rapidly, in those first years out of high school.

I spent the majority of my freshman year hating myself because I wasn’t doing some of the interesting things other people my age were doing.

Other people I saw on the internet were doing really cool things and discovering themselves, while I found myself sitting in my bedroom thinking, It took me until April to realize that not everyone can do the same things, and it takes time for people to find themselves.

Experiencing all different types of people is super dope, and I think is kinda necessary.

Another thing I wish I’d been told: It’s totally fine talking to/making friends with new people.A while back, we asked readers starting their sophomore year of high school what advice they wish they’d been given before their freshman year.Many of you Rookies came through with guidance that will hopefully help incoming freshmen feel a little less nervous (maybe even kinda excited? One thing I wish I’d been told before starting my freshman year is that everyone grows at their own pace.You should try to surround yourself with good people, people who work hard and who are friendly.If these aren’t the people around you, I think you’re better off alone, honestly.

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Bags from Jan Sport or the North Face are popular at my school, but any brand that makes bags with good straps and proper padding will do. Try to make the most out of this year, because if you don’t, you might regret it.