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Below picture shows the expansion of my lower palate arch both laterally & anteriorly Expanded sideways and also forwards to regain the space for bicuspids.

I got 4 bicuspid implants now, below shows how my palate has changed over the 3 years.

The smile and lip support is so much better when the teeth is slightly tipped forwards, in the molds it may look too far out by visually they look fine actually and some of that may also balance out with proper lip seal over time.

If you look at my ct scan above you will see just how solid of a bone the mandible is, and the bone remodeling by the teeth may not directly translate to expanding of the thick mandibular bone underneath, however I do believe that the muscle tone of the masseter muscle plays a large role in shaping that bone, and probably expanding the teeth will also help distribute biting forces differently on the bone which may contribute to widening of the jaw bone.

Compared to my before pictures from 4 years back, my lower jaw looks wider, but part of that is caused by the fact that my lower jaw came forwards more.

Also when I began chewing more gum I feel like I did notice bit of widening take place as well.

but there is already scientific studies that show that just posturing your body differently changes a person’s mood & even hormone levels.

Humans have the body, mind, emotion & possibly spiritual aspects that make up who we are & they are all inter connected, assault in one dimension can for sure affect others.

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Upper Arch Once we expanded as much as possible, I got into self-ligating bracket braces with coil springs to further create anterior expansion until we achieved 7 mm space for the bicuspids.

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