Sowetan online dating

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Zuckerberg was all smiles at the recent Facebook F8 conference.In his usual robot-like fashion, he announced the launch of Facebook Dating, with which he plans on finding love for the 200 million single people on the site.South African men have a better chance of finding their romantic partners online‚ a study has found.According to an international dating website‚ Wogoal‚ South African men are the 13th luckiest in the world in online dating.

This is what we know so far: It’s optional Dating will run inside your existing Facebook app and will be an optional extra for those who want it.

For years Nelson Mandela has been safe and solid ground.

South Africans across the racial and religious divide loved him and looked up to him.

When Facebook hit the international scene circa 2006, it wasn’t known as a fun place to meet friends but rather as a dating site.

People would spy on friends of friends and add them if they thought they were cute and, well, poke them.

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This made short-term mating a viable option for both sexes during times of resource abundance.