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Speed dating events evansville in

Joseph River divides the northwest and northeast quadrants.The Maumee River separates the northeast and southeast, while portions of the St.Three battles were fought at Kekionga against Little Turtle and the Miami Confederacy. At the turn of the 20th century, the city's population reached nearly 50,000, attributed to a large influx of German and Irish immigrants.Fort Wayne's "urban working class" thrived in industrial and railroad-related jobs.According to the 2010 census, Fort Wayne has a total area of 110.834 square miles (287.06 km Receding glaciers eroded the land, depositing an evenly distributed layer of sediment during the last glacial period.The most distinguishable topographical feature is Cedar Creek Canyon, just north of the city proper near Huntertown. The two rivers converge to form the Maumee, which eventually empties into Lake Erie.

This came to be the "portage" or carrying place, over which travelers could transport their cargoes from one system to the next.Chief Little Turtle of the Miami Nation expressed its importance eloquently at the treaty of Greenville in 1795 when he called it "that glorious gate...through which all the words of our chiefs had to pass through from north to south and from east to west." It is not known who named the rivers, but they probably were given European names by an early Roman Catholic priest who passed through the area.The first clergyman known to have passed through the area was the Reverend Joseph Pierre de Bonnecamps, a professor of hydrography at the Jesuit College of Quebec, who visited the confluence of the rivers in 1749 on a scientific expedition.This natural crossroads attracted the Native Americans for thousands of years.It later attracted the European explorers and traders and the American pioneer settlers who continued to develop the area as a transportation and communications center.

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In 2007, the $130 million Harrison Square development was launched, creating Parkview Field.

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