Speed dating falls church va

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Speed dating falls church va

The spread of pornography is, like abortion, also an instance where sexual ethics have been “dumbed down” to general male standards rather than raised to general female standards. In the case of abortion, justification for “a woman’s right to choose,” when most abortions occur for reasons of convenience, means that society acquiesces to a general male promiscuity, while providing a utilitarian solution for women to avoid having to bear the consequences, and the child.

In the case of pornography, its spread is also in some measure an acquiescence in general male promiscuity: men want sex, so women need to match male images and expectations.

The egocentric aspect of masturbation flows from the very nature of the act: older Catholic terms rightly called it “self-abuse” or “self-ipsation.” Its message, however, is clear: if sexual satisfaction can be pursued by the self, then the other will often/always be seen (even unconsciously) through the prism of my libidinal satisfaction.

The ingraining of such attitudes towards sexuality is inherently inimical to receiving, or living, a Catholic sexual ethic.

Men shouldn’t become more chaste; women should become more provocative.

Pamela Paul identified this trend in 2005, rightly coining a term to describe it: we are being “pornified.” The spread of pornography is, indeed, a new pastoral challenge for confessors, but I want to suggest that there is another moral issue, lurking here in the background, which also deserves to be taken seriously, and which is often overlooked in the discussion over pornography. Masturbation is typically the “silent partner” in pornography use and addiction.

Those who dissented from the encyclical were ostensibly trying to justify the occasional use of contraceptive intercourse within a marriage when such use was supposedly justified for “serious” or “grave” and “proportionate” reasons.

In his book A Catholic worldview, for example, is marked by an appreciation for the goodness and earthiness of physical creation as an expression of the principle of incarnation.

In the same way, a Catholic worldview about sex should be marked by certain “attitudes.” One of the most basic is that the meaning of the human sexual urge is “existential.” The meaning of sex comes from what it can do, and what it can do is to bring new persons into the world.

A Catholic sexual ethic, which focuses on self-giving open to life, represents the polar opposite of the sexual ethic learned from masturbation.

Pornography compounds the problem by reinforcing the genito-physical pleasure with visual pleasure, thus creating physico-psychological responses to these stimuli that ingrain the habit even more deeply.

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The spread of pornography is a new pastoral challenge for confessors, but I want to suggest that there is another moral issue…deserving to be taken seriously, which is often overlooked in the discussion over pornography. Confessors today undoubtedly note an increase in a phenomenon that other social observers have also noticed: a growth in use of, as well as addiction to, pornography.

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