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Speed dating in sydney australia

Aussies pay more for their home telephone services than anyone else in the developed world, apart from the Hungarians.The OECD in Paris has worked out that the average set of home telephone services in Australia, including calls to mobile phones and international numbers, costs 50% more than the Poms pay in the UK and 25% higher than the OECD average!A nationwide Daily Telegraph's Banks versus Battlers Survey found that in 2010 Westpac was the worst bank in Australia (only 18% of its customers were happy), they were followed by Commonwealth Bank in second place and ANZ in third place.In 2009 all the Aussie banks together managed to extort 21 billiion dollars in fees from their customers, up 4 billtion from the year before. 68% of Australian believed in April 2004 that a terrorist attack on Australia is inevitable.

of coastline with 7000 beaches, the highway that runs around Australia is 24000 km.John Howard, Australia's Prime Minister up to 2007, spent ,196 on alcohol during the year ending July 2004 at his official residences, The Lodge and Kirribilli House, that works out to more than 0 a week!He admits to liking a drink but claims most of it went into official functions...This record was broken again when they made .5 billion in fees in the financial year ended June 2007. Although Australia produces a reasonable number of cinema movies ( some pretty famous like Crocodile Dundee ), 92% of box office cash goes to the U. When in November 2003 the army decided to drug-test a whole barrack of its soldiers in Darwin, N. no less than 48% of the 97 soldiers tested positive!41% of a thousand interviewed Kiwis thought it was a good idea for New Zealand Australia's seventh state, 58% did not believe the discussion was worth having, and 1% were not sure. This does not mean that soldiers are any worse than the rest of Territorians, when half a year later the Wickham Point LNG plant in Darwin needed staff about 4000 people applied for a position constructing the plant and pipeline, about half of these were Territorians.

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After Antarctica, Australia is the world's driest continent, more than 80 per cent of the continent lies in arid or semi-arid climatic zones and a quarter of it is officially uninhabitable. Australia also accounts for 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, considering Aussies only make up 0.3% of the world's population that is a pretty high figure.

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