Speed dating staffordshire uk

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Speed dating staffordshire uk

Jubilee Odyssey Fantasy Island, Skegness Track length 2,923ft Height 167ft Drop 141ft Maximum speed 63mph Duration 2 mins 52 secs Max vertical angle 60 degrees G-force 4.8 Gs The UK's most rustic ride?This five-inversion rollercoaster is driven by a £4 million dung-powered generator, which converts manure into methane gas.Colossus Thorpe Park, Surrey Track length 2,789ft Height 98ft Drop 103ft Maximum speed 45mph Duration 54 secs G-force 4.2 Gs The world's first ten-inversion rollercoaster - making it the loopiest ride in the world - is themed as the ruins of a lost Atlantan civilisation (minus the water).Velocity Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire Track length 2,109ft Height 57ft Maximum speed 54mph Duration 1 min G-force Not measured Being strapped by the legs to a bike may not be everyone's idea of fun, but this ride's motorbike theming has won many plaudits.

Slammer Thorpe Park, Surrey Height: 50ft Maximum speed: 30mph Duration: 2 mins 30 secs G-force 0.3-3 Gs This ride looks like a giant, double-ended fly swatter, so in this scheme of things, you are a squashed fly.

Riders climb a hill to reach a funicular; when they get inside their weight pulls it down, while at the same time bringing the coaster car up. FASTEST COASTER Stealth Thorpe Park, Surrey Track length 1,312ft Height 205ft Drop 203ft Maximum speed 80mph Duration 28 secs G-force 4.5 Gs Powered by rocket-style nitrogen boosters, this is Europe's second fastest (and - gasp! Rollercoaster Great Yarmouth Track length 5,249ft Height 70ft Drop 50ft Maximum speed 45mph Duration 3 mins 30 secs G-force Not measured Does it make you feel more or less safe to know that this ride - designed by Erich Heidrich - made its debut at the 1929-31 Paris Colonial Exhibition?

The only other scenic railway in the UK - at Dreamland, Margate - was badly damaged by fire in April.

It has three inversions and a maximum vertical angle of 97 degrees.

Whirlwind Camelot, Chorley Track length 1,391ft Height 50ft 10in Maximum speed 37mph Duration 1 min 20 secs G-force 5 Gs Once a fixture on the German fair scene, touring from place to place, this spinning coaster with a maximum vertical angle of 50 degrees has a reputation for roughness.

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The House Party presenter made personal appearances at the park, as did his rubbery sidekick, Mr. Twist and Shout Loudoun Castle, Galston Track length 1,817ft Height 60ft 8in Maximum speed 41mph Duration1 min 48 secs G-force 3.5 Gs Dutch showman Henk Bembom brought this classic looping coaster to Galston.