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Your pictures and information on the old North Dock are wonderful!! 368) I am researching a snow named Teresa, built at Sunderland in 1836. In the early 1850s she was owned by Captain Charles Thomas Matcheson. So far, the vessel is merely named on site with none of its history researched. 10, 1941, while en route from New York to Glasgow via Sydney, Nova Scotia, with a cargo of steel & pig iron, the vessel was torpedoed by German submarine U-85 with the loss of three lives. Which was at 62.14N/39.29W, or maybe at 61.59N/39.49W, both off the SE coast of Greenland in the North Atlantic. Regarding recent address search my elderly brain dropped the proverbial ball -- I seek a mailing address for RON Lovell of 'Australia' re. I am not on line and send this via public library facilities -- a true Luddite at heart. I will i) put the images on site & ii) pass on your address to Ron Lovell in Australia. 2 images & such text are now available via the Priam listing here. Most likely, I now think, is that it was not possible for a tiny paddle steamer designed to operate on a shallow river to make its way under its own power all the way to India. I have modified the Ganges listing accordingly - here. 13, 2017 [email protected] I do not have the knowledge to be able to give you an answer, Len. And that being so, is unable to grant 'permission' for their usage elsewhere. I have had in my possession this old photograph of a sailing ship in a wooden ship's life ring. I am so glad to hear, Lindsay, that your found the data on site about Lodore to be helpful to you. This is a great opportunity to place on line the history of British Shipbuilding.Many thanks for your hard work, very much appreciated. I did find another snow apparently owned by him or at least a Matcheson. provides extensive detail as to exactly what happened. HMS Hurworth, a destroyer, would seem to have been built in 1941 & lost in 1943. Russell Whayman, Bermuda, May 21, 2017 - [email protected] Russell! Some years ago I purchased a sea chest at auction which carries a primitive genre painting beneath its lid which appears to be the PRIAM. ) If I can get a mailing or e-mail address, I will try to find someone willing to snap a photo or two and send it your way. It may well have been renamed when put into service wherever that was. 340) Re the wreck of the Ganges in 1881 - the London Evening Standard of 18th October 1881 gives the name of the Ramsgate lifeboat as the 'Bradford'. I well remember the London Evening Standard from my years in London. 21, 2017 [email protected] The verse itself was already recorded on site, in the first row here. Hopefully a site visitor will come forward & enlighten us all. It has been a while since that data was first made available. I am asking all owners of similar websites to please respect our copyrights where we hold them and also to respect the hard work of our researchers by not taking or using our data without prior permission. 332) I was very pleased to find your site & learn so much about the Laings.357) At first glance it looks like a fascinating site which I will explore at my leisure. Carole Nowell (ne Ealden), Harrowgate, North Yorkshire, Sep. The big man had hold of the little man, and at that time, a locomotive was coming from the North-Eastern Shops. I joined A&P in 1971 first as an apprentice shipbuilder then caulker burner then the union took up my case and I got changed to a plater, won the apprentice of the year I think in 1975, was allowed to do my B. I left in 1988 to start my travels around the country. Austin & Pickersgill Limited is covered on site here with links to further data of its predecessor companies. It is of course most frustrating because my ancestors travelled on Sir George Seymour in 1850 to Canterbury. I hoped that that list would provide an answer, but Sir George Seymour is not included in the list.John Crown was my great grandfather and I have quite a bit of information on him, Crowns yard, ships built and in particular HMS Ettrick which was launched by my mother in 1943 and about which I have produced a book which relates her complete history as a River Class Frigate on North Atlantic convoy duty. 14, 2017 - [email protected] delighted to hear from you, Charles. Drowned with the wreck of the Beatitude on the Manacles. 10, 2017 - [email protected] am glad that you have been in touch, Carole. 14, 2017 - [email protected] glad to hear Bryan, that you enjoy my now not so little little website. Am particularly looking for a general arrangement drawing. 4, 2017 - [email protected], built by 'Laing' in 1962 is covered on site here. Witness got the engine to slacken speed, lest it run over the drunken men. 346) I was born at 45 Church Street, Monkwearmouth. 7, 2017 - [email protected] do hope that someone will come forward in response to your request. I went back to shipbuilding in 1999 on the Clyde as the outfit manager until BAE Systems took over. 344) The black and white photo of the church is St. Forgive me saying it but I believe you are off course in your thoughts late in your message.John mentions Royal Arch, a 333 ton barque built by Sykes, Talbot & Sykes of North Hylton, in 1868. SHIELDS GAZETTE AND DAILY TELEGRAPH, TUESDAY MAY 2, 1871THE SUSPICIOUS DEATH AT SUNDERLAND - ADJOURNED INQUESTJohn Giddens, boilersmith, Deptford was next sworn. Witness left the house [the American hotel, ie, public house] and went to where his boat was, near the Gladstone Bridge at the South Dock. Have you any information to connect the account & the accident? I checked also Lloyd's Register editions from 1878/79 thru 1882/83 & can spot no vessels named Alice owned by Youngs. I noted from your site that the Laings built Merchantman for J. As I cannot find any voyages between 1844 & 1850 is it possible that the Sir George Seymour was built like the Merchantman for J. 20, 2016 [email protected], Ted, I am unable to tell you who built Sir George Seymour.

376) I have today acquired a photograph taken since 1998 and the background is a VAUX hotel or pub with the name The Castle and Alchemist. 'Old Pubs of Sunderland', in 2 volumes, published by Black Cat Publishing of Sunderland in 1993 & 1998 respectively. Kosmaj was built in 1977 by Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited & is detail listed here. Steve provided this link re one of the images in the Picture Post article. There was, I understand a hue & cry about the matter & in the final analysis the choicest of the lists were taken by various museums & archives in the U. It sounds as though your mother's recollections would have enlivened up my text! I am (and can prove) Jack Crawford's 4 greats Grandson. What I know so far:- Lloyd's Register of 1866/67 and 67/68 records the Maryport registered vessel, Official Number 1773, built Maryport 1848, 280 tons, 102.1 X 23.3 X 16.6. The vessel, it would appear, is Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1848/49 thru 1883/84 at least - LR of 1884/85 is not available to the webmaster. Probably by Ritson & Sons) at & always registered at Maryport (Cumbria coast & Solway Firth). In 1865/66, per LR, Tinnion & Co., again of Maryport, became the vessel's owner thru 1874/75 per LR, with W. An example, we supplied equipment to Ship 908, ordered in Aug. And we will find out together where it may take us. The ledger has a note beside it 'Erected - taken to pieces and shipped abroad'. 4, 2017 [email protected] for this message, Tom. 379) Thank you for making the time for this website. I presume that Christine is referring to Samuel Wilson whose sawmill & timber yard was prominently beside the Wearmouth Bridge for more than a century. Or, if you wish, you may contact the webmaster here:- [email protected] to my Sunderland site. To search for specific text on this page, just press 'CTRL F' & then enter your search term.William James was a mariner & lived in Zion Street & his sons were either mariners or shipbuilders. I wish you happy hunting in researching your family history.Having somehow got what seems to be a family name as a middle name i.e. 330) Peter - I have been researching ANCONA of 1840 for a long time now and am slowly piecing together her story. Hutchinson who was a builder seems to have been connected with her at some stage.

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'Ridley' they pop up in Woolston & I guess they moved with Thomas Ridley Oswald. I have yet to prove that Noble was her builder but it does seem that at least she was built for or by G. I have notes regarding her loss on the Norfolk coast in 1870 in the Larn list.