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BIRDS AND THE BEESIt has been my observation that in the cat world tortoiseshell (known in the US as "calico") cats are always female, while all ginger cats are male. As a cat lover myself I always considered the above assertion to be true.That is until one day, when I visited a cat protection league re-homing centre, and saw a female ginger cat suckling her litter of three (all ginger) kittens.

A listing could result in a multimillion-pound windfall for some members of the firm’s senior management, a small number of whom could be handed about £10 million of shares, making them among the best-rewarded lawyers in the City.

As females have two Xs they can express two colours in the coat, and if black is inherited from one parent and ginger (red) from the other, the result is a calico cat.

The calico's brother, having only one X chromosome, would be either ginger or black, depending on the colour of the mother.

It can appear on either sex and with any colour of coat.

For some reason not understood it is usually found that in tortoiseshell and white cats the patches of black and ginger are larger and more distinct than in the plain tortoiseshell without white.

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In the past 12 years DWF has grown from a small Manchester firm with…

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