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The game uses the Source engine's modified version of the Havok physics engine, which allows players to build contraptions that follow the laws of physics, allowing realistic simulations of structures and experiments.

Garry's Mod allows users to take advantage of the extensibility of the Source Engine through the spawn menu which enables users to spawn models and maps imported by the user.

Garry's Mod 12 added a function called Toybox into the spawn menu (in Sandbox) that allowed players to share and download user-created content.

After 2012's release of the Steam Workshop feature, Garry's Mod 13 replaced the Toybox feature with Steam Workshop.

Use this command line to update your icon: Replace "1337" with the workshop ID of your addon. id=[id here] Icon must be 512x512 JPG image (chroma 4:2:0).In winter 2009–2010, a contest was held for Garry's Mod by the game's developers to create the best new game mode using a programming framework called "Fretta".Fretta, Italian for "hurry", allows developers to quickly and easily create new game modes for Garry's Mod with commonly required functionality already implemented so the developers can focus on unique aspects of their game modes.Fretta was inspired by a similar fan-created framework "Rambo_6's Simple Gamemode Base".However, for inclusion in Garry's Mod, Newman decided to rewrite it with input and contributions from the original author and other developers.

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