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Tamil culture dating

Do you know the maximum amount of characters allowed in a single tweet? Maybe we could say Thiruvalluvar, the author of Thirukural was the world's 1st Twitter user! Fet NA2013Concept and Direction - Mithran Maharajan Produced by Genie Media, Canada Original Music by Balamurali Balu Flute by Vijay Venkatesh Kannan Cast In Order of appearance Panapaakkam Sreenivasan Chakrath Krishnan Malcolm Ponnayan Roger Malcolm Shobna Sharma Kriya Patel Kousalya Sreenivasan Serena Yogaraj Director of Photography Henrieta Hansikova Editor Benjamin Cheng 1st Assistant Cameraman - Lanny Bolger Key Grip - Santhosh Ramdoss Production Manager - Ada Tsang Make Up - Aneela Hassan Ezhisai kulu proudly presents : thamizh mozhi song Music: P.

To learn more about Tamil please follow us on Facebook. Sivakumar explains the strong cultural heritage, Valor, Love and life of Tamil People through various Tamil Verses and his plea to donate to establish a Tamil Chair at Harvard University. Deenadayalan singers : , pirashna.v , deenadayalan.p Video and Editing: S.

How did Tamil qualify as a chair at Harvard University? As a child of Tamil language, we should be proud Join us and cherish Tamil Mrs.

And what surprised Harvard the most when considering Tamil? Only Classical languages are qualified to have a Chair at Harvard University. Revathi, Director, Inspire (An Environment Organization for Reviving Earth) speech. Revathi shares her experience on how Tamil literature helped to solve many nature problems now. Tamil grabbed the attention of Harvard University, and has offered to open a Tamil Department, allowing people to complete Tamil studies, Tamil research and more.

Join us and cherish Tamil Our Tamil parents prefer that we speak in Tamil and honor the Tamil culture. Tamil is not only a language; it is a more than 2500-year-old culture that protects and cherishes human life.

To put that into perspective, this year the United States is 240 years old, and Tamil is more than 2500!

Here few professors, scholar and Tamil activists explains how hard it was to create a Tamil chair in Harvard University and why we have to support the chair. Advika is an well known young Tamil scholar in US, she explains the important for Tamil and why we have to support Harvard Tamil Chair.

She welcome to join and extend your support by registering at the website

Please come and enjoy these events and the opportunity to participate in this wonderful and historical movement. The platform currently has 317 million users and is worth close to billion. All the Kurals have only 7 words , meaning all 1330 Thiru Kura Ls can fit in a single tweet.I was super-curious so here's an impromptu sample, in which I play a beginner student (just an FYI before there's a bunch of mean comments about being Tamil and not knowing enough).Want to see more of Jonathan's passion for & knowledge of Tamil?Luxsaan (LS Photography & Video) lyrics : Subscribe to our channel: https:// On-line Partner: Cine Ulagam Tamil Activists on Tamil Chair at Harvard University - Thanthi TV Catch us LIVE @ Follow us on - Facebook @ https:// TV Follow us on - Twitter @ https://twitter.com/thanthitv A couple of weeks ago, Jonathan Ripley - the Preceptor of Tamil at Harvard University was in Toronto to discuss the possibility of a department dedicated to Tamil at Harvard!How exciting is that - and what would learning Tamil be like there?

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