Tantric dating

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When you make love with your partner, the union may perhaps last for a good half an hour or more.But tantric sex can help you prolong the connection and increase sexual intimacy by a hundred fold if done the right way!Light candles and use a playlist of very soft ethnic music.Dress in loose clothing that can come off easily, like a sarong or a robe.The tantric approach has far more to do with your mental approach than with technique.

Sex is fun, but can you take it to a higher plane of sexual ecstasy and emotional connection?Tantric sex is the art of activating these nine chakras during the sexual union of a man and a woman. [Read: How to give a sensual massage and work your magic] Experiencing bliss through tantric sex First of all, you need to give yourselves a few hours of free time with no phone calls or distractions.By doing that, you can experience bliss beyond words and connect on a higher plane that’s beyond the realm of what our mind can understand. To create an explosive sexual connection, you need to be focused on each other and nothing else.[Read: 10 sexy and dirty ways to make married sex feel like a one night stand] What is tantric sexuality?According to ancient Indian scriptures, the energy levels of a human body are controlled by nine chakras (wheels) that pass along a vertical straight line.

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You may have heard about tantra or tantric sex, maybe at your local sex shop or in celebrity gossip magazines — it's a pretty trendy concept nowadays. And more importantly, how can you add its principles to your sex life?

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