Taylor swift is dating who 2016

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Taylor swift is dating who 2016

"Gorgeous"The third promotional single released from , and the first indication that the old Taylor perhaps isn't dead after all."Pretty good" is a low bar for a Taylor Swift song to reach, but "Gorgeous" ably reaches it with (literal) bells and whistles to accent the singer's ode to an unrequited crush.Sure, Swift has used the love-as-a-drug metaphor before on "Clean." But who cares? And this track is new musical terrain for the pop star: Check those wobbly synth and the wailing vocal peaks during the final chorus.(Fun fact: "Don't Blame Me" is one of several tracks on this album to contain a lyrical reference .)Related: What it's like to share a name with Taylor Swift5.As far as love songs go, "King of my Heart" is hooky but surprisingly faceless, razed of the singer's personality, much as the computerized vocal effect strips the particulars and character of her voice.11."Dancing With Our Hands Tied"Swedish songwriter Oscar Holter gets a writing credit on "Dancing With Our Hands Tied," a generic, EDM-tinged number about dating and falling in love amidst the chaos of media scandal.On "Look What You Made Me Do," Swift airs her dirty laundry, rhymes "drama" with "karma," buries the "Old Taylor" and nabs the hook from "I'm Too Sexy," all in the space of a single exhausting single.In August, the song functioned as an inaugural address for the petty, revenge-crazed persona Swift now wields like a knife.

It has the formidable ingredients: a club-ready refrain ("Big reputation, big reputation / Ooh, you and me, we got : celebrity, drama, celebrity drama and the volatile nature of one's own media image.

"Delicate"A love story set against the wreckage of Swift's public image: "My reputation's never been worse," Swift tells a new lover (presumably boyfriend Joe Alwyn), "so you must like me for me." Despite the vocoder effect on the star's vocals—she sounds a bit distant and alien—"Delicate" is the album's first real moment of vulnerability, and it succeeds by peeling back all the bravado and EDM aggression of the opening tracks.6.

"Look What You Made Me Do"The song that launched a thousand thinkpieces—you've heard it, you've formulated your opinion, you've gotten into drunk arguments with strangers about it.

The shimmering synth-pop pastiche lands in the same neighborhood as Carly Rae Jepsen's recent gem "Cut to the Feeling," and the hook is , in both catchiness and energy.10.

"King of my Heart"Here is where the album starts to feel too damn long by three or four songs (though at 55 minutes, it is not even one of the top two longest Swift records).

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I've seen Swift's "Dress" described as a slow jam and "her sexiest song to date," but it also resembles a years-late FKA Twigs knockoff.