Tessa virtue and scott moir dating 2016

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One couple, Madison Chock and Evan Bates, announced that they were dating during the season and arguably leveraged the public interest in their relationship throughout the competition.

Of them all, Virtue and Moir might be the best at their business.

Virtue and Moir answer the question that is on everyone’s minds on Ellen’s show and the host had absolutely no chill in asking if they’re dating.

In fandom, rooting for two characters to become a successful couple is called shipping.

When people ship a real-life duo, it’s almost always rooted in how those two people present themselves in public, intentionally or otherwise.

And they’re not the only targets of such speculation.

The off-ice relationships of skaters have fueled media interest for years, and the public ownership of these debates often overshadows whatever the real-life couples at the center might have to say about it.

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People have been speculating for years ― decades even ― whether Virtue and Moir are an item.

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