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If the seller fails to notify you of his or her intention to repossess the goods within twenty days after cancellation, you may not be forced to return the goods at a later date.You are not obligated to return goods to the seller until you have recovered either your money or your agreement to pay money.For example, if the buyer and the salesperson spoke in Spanish during the sale, the contract must be in Spanish.

If you thought Austin’s Italian restaurant wave was finished after the multitude of openings in 2015, think again. Intero, which translates to full or complete in English, is an apt name for a restaurant that will be using locally raised whole animals and root-to-leaf vegetables.

As part of the Texas Department of Transportation sponsored study, Researchers used the most comprehensive analysis of motorcycle crash causation—a report led by H. Hurt titled Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures—as a guide for the analysis.

Although it is over 35 years old, it remains among the most referenced pieces of motorcycle safety literature.

And, of course, since Craig is involved, the shop's chocolate counter will offer truffles and barks to go along with sipping chocolates and a coffee program showcasing local roasters.

A curated wine selection and cocktails will also be available, as well as plated desserts like mascarpone semifreddo.

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To obtain a full refund, you must do this before midnight of the third business day after the sale. If the salesperson did not provide a cancellation form, you may still cancel your contract.