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The dating guy 640x480

The corruption\degradation aspect as the girl gives in to the pleasure the sex outside marriage brings and how she trades sexual satisfaction over her love for the husband.More acentuated if the NTR guy has a lower social standing than the husband.The sister and mother were the only interesting parts about the game DC isn't that good of a writer to make any of the other characters cool or interesting enough to actually warrant interest Might as well just shut it down now instead of watching the slow decent into actual trash39735Im happy that the incest whores will stop hogging all the scenes. I don't think we'll ever see incest back in the game fully OR see him switch from patreon because after all this work he has to do I highly doubt he'll want to switch platforms and do all the patching and updating over again.39784Don't worry they can still get pregnant.Now they can give best girl Eve some scenes down the path of waifu material. Maybe if you play your cards right Dexter, Erik,black cops,guys at the park,cop,or gay friend can do the job. Everybody go to your sisters right now and ask her her opinion on incest and tell me how it goes. Are you guys so fucked that even your imagination cant leave your family?

Its safe to say people that play these arent seeing the girls as theirs but rather are into how the girls succumb to pleasure and degrade themselves. And as i said the problem here is how shoehorned they are in otherwise vanilla games.39813It’s not a matter of if that’s the way he’s going to do it, but of when.

I don't care what shitty fetishes you have or where are you from, just go to where you came from and never come back.39847I'm not the guy you're talking to, but your first comment was stupid.

And your defense is even more stupid: "it's as degenerate as blablablah," it's kind of out of place when you see the purpose of this board. You do not have to worry about moral issues when you're seeing fictional characters relating.39852i dont see why youd complain that hes posting about incest being shit in a thread for a game about incest; i do the same for cuckshit and its cuckoldry not to decry shit tier fetishes and those that have issue with 39853This is not an argument and there for this and everything else I've said is not a defense.

Is there no way he could just do an "incest patch" that you could pay for via Paypal? Because the game offers much more than incest so DC would rather not risk his whole project to die for an small part of the game.

That way there's no icky evil incest content on Patreon itself and people who care about the incest can pay(hahahahaha) to get the incest content put back in. The people thinking that DC will lose massive support are the same kind of naive people that think that porn makes a sizeable part of Patreon`s income or that are not aware of devs that dont update shit for months and still keep their pledges.

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The only thing that made this game stay above others is going to get removed, so congrats now the game will be even shittier39845I am not a troll, not liking incest is not trolling it's what I hope is the common opinion.