Tilashotspot dating

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Tilashotspot dating

"Everywhere I go I get recognised from all my [My Space] friends because they feel like we're really friends and they're not just like fans.

We have this deeper connection." Named Playboy's first Asian Cyber Girl of the Week, Nguyen, 26, has modelled in all states of undress for Stuff, Maxim, Penthouse and import car magazines.

But Nguyen, who makes no secret of her bisexuality, rejected suggestions it was all sex and no substance.

Especially, after she appeared in the reality show on MTV with her bisexual-themed dating show.

Stuff Magazine has chosen Tila Tequila as "The Webs Hottest Mama" as well.

She has made special guest appearances on CNN and worked with VH1 on a television series.

The latter counts among its lyrics: "I don't want no love, I just wanna get screwed!

" Yet Nguyen, a self-confessed former "cholo gang" member, insists her fame was built using more than just sleaze and titillation.

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Anyways, it’s her music career (singles produced by Lil Jon) that makes the headlines nowadays.

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