Tivo schedule not updating wow stuck on updating setup files

Posted by / 28-Apr-2019 09:09

Numerous hrs on the phone, calling cable company to troubleshoot, I finally called executive customer care and surprisingly got a call back from one of the executives.

I called back and was transferred to someone else that said they could only replace my box with a new one if I paid for the new model with voice control.

I then ask her how familiar she was with the older Ti Vo models... I asked to speak to a supervisor she insisted three times that - that was not needed. I called back, got Ezra again, agent the first time. would hot spot work, and I just wanted to watch my saved programs. He told me to turn it over and look for another light. So unless you are a tech smart person I would not recommend Ti Vo as there is no customer service any longer. not it has been unsuccessfully outsourced to another country. Thanks for warning from other consumers, I was aware. He asked the same questions three times and each time he re-asked or re-stated things back to me, HE MADE IT CLEAR THAT HE DOES NOT COMPREHEND SPOKEN ENGLISH.

I can choose to “view upcoming episodes” and it will then list the one I want on 233. However, I ran into a problem trying to do a Season Pass this way.This works well, but it brings up another issue (actually the same issue). It comes right up (very fast performance so far), however, since I can’t limit my search/account to just my favorite stations, it comes up with “The Unit” on channel 14.Channel 14 in my area is the old analog/basic standard def cable channel for CBS.I started the process of Guided Set-Up and he said that a hot spot Internet connection would work as Internet connection. And over the years I've had to reach-out MANY TIMES to their so-called Executive Support department because of changes they've made that rendered Ti Vo Desktop unusable.I just wanted to watch my shows that were saved on my old HD model. Jeff gave no clear answers and just kept repeating what I was saying to him, and he said "Hum" a lot. He then told me to look at my Ti Vo Wireless G USB Network Adapter. Well they've done it again and I've been without a working Ti Vo network for over a month and waiting for a solution for the same amount of time - yes, I called it in.

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Ti Vo's call center technical assistance continues to disappoint & reinforce my decision to go with a cable provided DVR.

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