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The word of the monarch now held sway in the Liberty, but the area continued to hold itself somewhat separate from the rest of Suffolk.

This situation continued up until about 1970, and the hereditary Stewardship of the Liberty also continued until that time, although its importance was purely nominal by then.

His father was Robert Bacon, of Drinkstone, Esquire and Sheep-reeve to the Abbey of Bury St. In 1540, some of the major local transactions carried out by the Court were as follows: In 1540 Sir Thomas Kytson was still extending his landholdings, and he bought eight of the previously monastic manors in Suffolk.

These were Fornham St Martin, Fornham St Genevieve, and Fornham All Saints, Chevington, Hargrave, Risby, Sextons Manor at Westley, and Monks Hall at Santon Downham. Unlike many other rich men who became landed gentry by buying up the newly privatised monastic lands, Kytson had first put his wealth into property in Suffolk when he purchased Hengrave in 1521. Sir Thomas Kytson died at Hengrave Hall shortly after making these transactions.

After about 1120 it seems to have become an hereditary post.

By 1536 the post of Steward of the Liberty had passed into the hands of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk.

In Lavenham, Ipswich, Hadleigh and Bergholt, the independent weavers were restless.

At first this post was appointed by the crown, and later by the Abbot.

The duties included returning writs to the Sheriff, apprehending and holding lawbreakers, and convening the Liberty and hundred courts.

It would probably be 50 years before there was much interest in them from collectors.

Many manuscripts may have simply been disposed of as waste materials.

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Unlike many other towns in England at this time, Bury was growing and prospering.