Updating a gold frame dating and marriage in estonia

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Updating a gold frame

The whole fireplace and hearth took me less than 30 minutes. Since we were spraying in the house, we needed to seal off everything. I, on the other hand, required about 3 showers before all the black paint was off my face and hands! If you have a fireplace that you were wishing you could change, I totally recommend doing it yourself! And if you missed it, Jess transformed her fireplace with some paint and a stencil this past summer.

We started off by taping off the brick right around the surround. We were lucky enough that the tape could slip behind the surround, so there was no chance of bleeding through. Basically, I got in, and we sealed the drop cloth all around me. Two updates= no excuses not to get rid of those dated fireplaces, people!

The old Softail had dual extending shocks under the frame – a location that made it difficult to adjust the preload to accommodate variances in loading.

Consequently, riders mostly left the dual shocks at their factory setting if they knew it was adjustable at all.

And, I just have to add, that only only is Mandy one of my very favorite people in the entire world, she’s all a rockin’ sponsor of this very blog!!

Well, one of the major ways that the artists and engineers in the PDC wanted to improve the Softail’s dynamic capabilities was through increased lean angle.The advantage of the dual-bending technology is that it allows tuning over a wider range of conditions.Previously, the proper balance between comfort and chassis control was more difficult to achieve and usually required compromising one of the options.Even though gold jewelry is back in style, a dated, brassy fireplace can put a major damper on the style of a room!Updating your fireplace can seem overwhelming, but let me tell you it’s not as hard as it seems and if you’re really determined (like me) you can get it done less than 24 hours! One of my best gal pals was moving into a new house, so I trucked on down to Maryland to help move and to try to tackle a few fun projects.

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