Updating a join view oracle eniro dating online friends

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Updating a join view oracle

The update query below shows that the PICTURE column is updated by looking up the same ID value in CATEGORY_ID column in table Categories_Test and Categories. If you need to update multiple columns simultaneously, use comma to separate each column after the SET keyword. Here we only want to update PICTURE column in Categories_Test table where the data in Category_Name column is Seafood in table Categories. Software and hardware names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks of their respective companies.Should any right be infringed, it is totally unintentional.

I have 2 tables, one with names, and another with addresses, joined by their CIVICID number (unique to the ADDRESSINFO table) in Oracle. Notice that no correlation name is allowed in the UPDATE clause; this is to avoid some self-referencing problems that could occur. I've spent my career interested in relational theory without respect to any particular implementation. First, JOINS should never be done in the WHERE clause. They should be done using the appropriate JOIN syntax; this keeps the distinction between joins and restricts clear. I hope I don't infuriate anyone for whom Oracle is a religion by saying this.That table then is dropped at the end of the statement.If you allowed correlation names in the UPDATE clause, you would be updating the materialized table, which would then disappear and leave the base table untouched.

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Finally, the old rows are deleted and the new rows are inserted.