Updating ata controller firmware now

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Updating ata controller firmware now

The zip it contained 3 files with the following description:"This download includes IDE, SATARAID, and system BIOS.

The r####file is the SATARAID BIOS and the b####is the IDE BIOS.

Leading up to and including v1.72 you are able to create a bootable USB memory stick that applies the update for you when booting from the memory stick which is particularly useful if you are installing a non Windows or Linux based OS or hypervisor onto your server.

From version v1.72 the only methods of updating the firmware on your E200 array controller in your ML110 or ML115 is via either the Windows or Linux online ROM flash component for which you need a version of the particular OS installed from which to run it from.

Here are some screenshots of what's happening when I boot my computer: First the SIL3112 is shown, looking for drives: it shows the drive it found: this it should let the motherboard UEFI handle the rest but it stops after showing the following screen: happens after this (I've waited up to 30 minutes) and pressing Ctrl P doesn't do anything.

When I disconnect the HDD from the SIL3112 it will show the following screen: this the OS will be booted, which will be booted from USB (this is normal for an ESXi server).

The ####is an abbreviated BIOS intended for integration into system BIOS.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post applying the firmware updates is quite straight forward but what does differ is the method by which you apply the different versions of the update.Save it locally and then run the executable Click ‘Next’ Accept the license agreement – of course only if you want to, though you won’t get far if you don’t.🙂 Select a folder to extract the contents of the file to – for simplicity I would recommend using the default directory specified.If I disconnect the Sata cable from the SIL3112 (or the connected HDD) it will boot.If I then connect the Sata cable (during loading ESXi OS) all seems to be working well, my OS recognizes the SIL3112 and the connected HDD is working correctly.

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