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Well first you’ll need to figure out the current version of the BIOS.

In this article, I’ll explain multiple ways you can determine the BIOS version.

If not, you can enter the BIOS setup by pressing F12, DEL, F10 or F12 when it shows up during startup.

Other computer manufacturers may have a different key to enter setup, but it will usually tell you which key to press.

This is the same method for getting Windows 8 into Safe Mode, but instead of clicking on Startup Settings, you should click on UEFI Firmware Settings.

Note that you won’t see this option if your BIOS isn’t UEFI.

Whether you need to update the BIOS or not is something I’ve written about previously and the basic premise of that article was not to update unless you really have a specific need to.

Some have the options in the BIOS itself to update, others require you to boot from a USB drive and flash the BIOS that way.

So those are pretty much all the different ways you can determine your BIOS version.

Updating your BIOS is something you should only do if needed and with great caution.

The only method of updating the BIOS that you should avoid is the Windows option.

This is usually a Windows application you can download and run from within Windows to flash the BIOS.

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Refer to the following path to adjust the OC setting. Advanced\AMD CBS\NBIO Common Options\GFX Config IGC : Forces b.

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