Updating brass fixtures

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Updating brass fixtures

This is a great example of an inexpensive way to spruce up your home one step at a time!Next time, try your gold kitchen knobs, or that brass lamp in the corner. You may also want to try this simple DIY Lampshade Revamp with Spray Paint Or make this DIY Cake Stand/Jewelry Catch All I’m Amber Anderson, I am a pastors wife, mom of 2 lovely boys, and an avid DIY’er.Lucky for me, I chose to use black paint so these scratches and dings were easily touched up with a sharpie. 😉 My hubs suggested black finger nail polish which is a great idea had I been goth and kept black fingernail polish on hand at all times.

Don’t forget to put your screws in there too so that you don’t have weird brassy screws in your pretty new doorknobs. It is better to have a nice smooth finish after 3 thin coats than to save time and have a globby mess with 1 thick coat. Plus, thin coats ensure that you won’t jam up the locking mechanisms with too much paint.I don't know what was up with people in the late 80s and early 90s, but they sure did love brass. )So, here is a quick run down of everything I have de-brassed thus far.Maybe it was a Midas complex and it reminded them of gold, but heavens knows the trend did NOT stand the test of time. Since my house was built in 1988 it has it's fair share of brass. There are a couple of options for dealing with brass fixtures and hardware:1)Remove2)Replace3)Repaint4)Cover up In my house I am doing all four..First up: Remove I am taking out as much needless brass to just knock down the sheer volume of the shiny metal in this place. It is a GIANT pain in the butt to bathe your kids in a tub with a door. Second: Replace I am replacing all the fixtures that are outdated and where a coat of paint just won't update it.This includes things like faucets, switchplates and light fixtures.

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Next up on the list of things to paint is all the interior door knobs (since at 20$ a set, it would be in excess of $1000 to replace ever single interior and exterior door and closet knob in the house.) Also, as mentioned previously, I am also using the same technique to give myself brushed nickel hardware on my cabinets when they get repainted.