Updating codecs for ps3 cousin dating isis not okay

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Convert Xto DVD - ==============================================- 0012873: [Bug] hangs If we Open and Close Preview window during conversion (felicia) - resolved.- 0012868: [Feature Request] Add color customization to interface themes (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012859: [Bug] extra chapters are created in blu-ray structure in trial mode (felicia) - resolved.- 0012856: [Bug] 2 pass conversions stop at 50% (felicia) - resolved.- 0012846: [Bug] Particular Blu-Ray not loading (felicia) - resolved.- 0012834: [Bug] Memory leak when opening cluster (felicia) - resolved.- 0012832: [Bug] Template editor: Disable overridden item edition (felicia) - resolved.- 0012741: [Bug] after changing the Title of the Menu page, the change is not saved when saving a project and reopening it (felicia) - resolved.- 0012829: [Bug] fails to turn off computer after conversion if option turned on (felicia) - resolved.- 0012790: [Bug] fr translation missing text (felicia) - resolved.- 0012798: [Bug] Subtitle offset is not working (felicia) - resolved.- 0012827: [Crash] Crash with multiple simultaneous hardware encoding (felicia) - resolved.- 0012807: [Crash] Program crashes if too many simultaneous conversions are requested (felicia) - resolved.- 0012796: [Bug] Program not closing properly when launched through batcher (felicia) - resolved.- 0012789: [Bug] "operation complete" does not play if burning (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - ==============================================- 0012559: [Bug] double clicking on project file does not load files in project (felicia) - resolved.- 0012556: [Crash] app freezes when trying to load Blu ray (felicia) - resolved.- 0012549: [Bug] not correctly identifying of the videos on the disk - being mislabled (felicia) - resolved.- 0012542: [Bug] show log file if important warning like in case when no more than 99 titlesets can be added (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012341: [Bug] when several title menu pages, after playing the last of all titlesets cursor does not preselect 1st titleset on first menu page (wesson) - resolved.- 0012473: [Feature Request] Add online registration (wesson) - resolved.- 0012319: [Bug] old project name applied even if a new one has been set (felicia) - resolved.- 0012534: [Bug] Access Violation error when trying to convert to convert over 100 titlesets (felicia) - resolved.- 0012504: [Bug] conversion stops at around 90% during menu encoding (felicia) - resolved.- 0012390: [Bug] message saying THIS IS A AVALUATION COPY ONLY AND NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRUBUTION (wesson) - resolved.- 0012325: [Bug] argument out of range when saving and exiting menu editor with "thriller" template (felicia) - resolved.- 0012357: [Feature Request] Add option to cancel file parsing (felicia) - resolved.- 0011079: [Bug] theme problem and progress bar (felicia) - resolved.- 0011642: [Feature Request] special tool to help user select correct code page (felicia) - resolved.- 0012320: [Bug] menu duration not saved in project if using an old template (felicia) - resolved.- 0012317: [Bug] Preview starts with wrong stream if streams have been deleted (felicia) - resolved.- 0012321: [Bug] preview of conversion does not display subtitles even if selected (felicia) - resolved.- 0012322: [Bug] updated project name not used for burning and therefore burns the wrong folder (felicia) - resolved.- 0012323: [Bug] reverting to vso default menu fonts cannot be done using "reset to vso defaults" button in default settings (felicia) - resolved.- 0012532: [Bug] can't get audio to loop in menu (felicia) - resolved.- 0012527: [Bug] encoder crash: Pro Res codec (felicia) - resolved.- 0012514: [Bug] some Blu-ray's as ISO don't open (wesson) - resolved.- 0012485: [Bug] cannot change duration of thumbnail in titlemenu to apply to all titlesets (felicia) - resolved.- 0012479: [Bug] wrong number of audio channels sometimes displayed (felicia) - resolved.- 0012472: [Crash] Particular cut in particular file causes program to lock (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012590: [Bug] Exception when closing output tab (felicia) - resolved.- 0012587: [Bug] Display issues in preview when paused or stopped and layers are active (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012569: [Bug] Issue with Smallville DVDs (felicia) - resolved.- 0012574: [Bug] app hangs after a successful conversion/burn - must kill with task manager (felicia) - resolved.

You can now create and save your own menu templates!

Convert Xto DVD Released 2018-04-18==============================================- 0013479: [Bug] "Insert Disc" appear when starting Convert X- 0013480: [Bug] Video file fail to load when there is the character ";" (semicolon) in the file name. Released February 20th 2018 ============================================== 0013453: [Feature Request] Add thumbs to section bar 0013448: [Bug] Progress fomr not always appears on collaing form's center 0013446: [Bug] Exception when opening cut tab 0013442: [Bug] Burning an already converted project may produce bad disks 0013437: [Bug] Delete folder after burn not working if ISO is selected 0013432: [Bug] Overhaul file loading (May fix random load deadlock) 0013430: [Feature Request] Add thumbs to sections in cut tab 0013428: [Feature Request] Add thumbs when hovering video trackbar 0013419: [Bug] Program prevents batcher to switch to next item if output is ISO 0013417: [Feature Request] Detect stt file language if present in filename 0013402: [Bug] Any way to keep "Sound Events" preferences?

0013408: [Bug] Template editor - Resources not remembered if not copied 0013406: [Bug] Template editor - Button overlays are not remembered 0013404: [Bug] Separate smart copy option for video, audio and subtitles 0013381: [Feature Request] Detail reasons to refuse remux 0013368: [Bug] conversion fails with subrip because of unhandled exception 0013357: [Bug] Default typesetting not applied if custom 0013394: [Bug] If source is DVD only beginning of video is read 0013390: [Bug] Conversion files if last project name letter is a space for DVD output 0013387: [Feature Request] Add support for F4V files 0010703: [Bug] complex ass subtitles do no display in CXD preview or on output 0013370: [Bug] Delete after burn option no longer works 0013364: [Bug] Audio edition for menu has issue with drop down translation visibility Convert Xto DVD - Released November 06th 2017 ============================================== - 0013350: [Bug] Add missing DLLs for localisation tool (felicia) - 0013348: [Feature Request] Add import option for menu templates (felicia) - 0013343: [Bug] A period appears after the Title (wesson) - 0013344: [Bug] Folder not deleted after burning (wesson) - 0010931: [Feature Request] make sure Spanish translation is uptodate (felicia) - 0013339: [Bug] Exception when entring empty chain in menu editor (felicia) - 0009955: [Suggestion] use 'disc' instead of 'disk' (felicia) - 0009291: [Bug] taken into account folder structure when checking file name length (felicia) - 0008328: [Bug] FR hint for cores setting is not correct (felicia) - 0013333: [Bug] BD subtitles rendered empty (felicia)Convert Xto DVD - Released June 06th 2017 ============================================== - 0013071: [Bug] Subtitles missing from Blu-ray sources (felicia) - resolved.

- 0013050: [Feature Request] When creating template in case of still image import only screenshot. Convert Xto DVD - ============================================== - 0013034: [Bug] Issue with ts naming when starting with no menu (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - ============================================== - 0013023: [Bug] HTML link highlight only works for first tree item (felicia) - resolved.

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