Updating core data data model

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Updating core data data model

When developing a data model, analyze all of your application’s For data models that store references between related pieces of data, the application must issue separate read and write operations to retrieve and modify these related pieces of data.

For example, long-running tasks, such as exporting data, will block the main thread of apps that use only a single main-queue managed object context and cause the UI to stutter.

After each surf session, a surfer can use the app to create a new journal entry that records marine parameters, such as swell height or period, and rate the session from 1 to 5.

Dude, if you’re not fond of hanging ten and getting barreled, no worries, brah. On startup, the application lists all previous surf session journal entries.

There would be fewer copies of the common fields for more information on indexes.

However, if you often only need to retrieve a subset of the documents within the group, then “rolling-up” the documents may not provide better performance.

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Modeling application data for Mongo DB should consider various operational factors that impact the performance of Mongo DB.

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