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Posted by / 10-Sep-2019 14:28

Updating eee bios

Note: The Super Hybrid Engine software controls CPU and FSB clock speeds and optimises battery life.

The early ASUS Eeepc 900 Series machines run noticeably better with the latest BIOS update.  Better battery performance, lower heat on the unit, better overall system stability.  Changing the BIOS can be tricky on these machines if you have installed Windows Vista, Windows 7 or even XP Pro as you need to install the ACPI driver before you can use the automated BIOS updated.

The Problem OK, so "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"..... So when I recently saw that there was a couple of new ROM builds 08, I installed the ASUS Update tool again and installed 0905. If you remove the driver entirely all the function keys and power control functionality stopped working.

I had previously updated the BIOS and all was well that time. Then again, while the error was popping up, all that functionality is broken anyway.

After more research and a few downloads, I managed to get a special Engineering Edition of the AFUDOS tool which with a couple of extra command line parameters will allow an earlier build to be installed: Running this version of the ROM update tool (attached), I was finally able to restore the BIOS to version 0703 and everything is sweet again.

After the panic and stress was over, I tried looking again for information on what had happened and found this blog post: I wish I had found this earlier as it would have saved me a heap of time.

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Windows 7 had drivers for everything except one unknown device.