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Update Entire Table adds and removes lines, rather than just changing page numbers.

I had a client’s Word 2007 document to work on and the fields took FOREVER to update.

Perhaps it had been deleted from the server, or moved, or renamed — any of these meant that it wasn’t where the link said it should be.

Therefore, when Word tried to update the fields, it went looking for something that didn’t exist and got itself into an infinite loop of looking and looking.

Why this option is exclusively set to the “Data” field? Word has never had such an option, but has had an option to update links automatically. There are numerous fields a user wouldn't want to update automatically, including ASK & FILLIN fields.

As a result, it can be a little annoying to deal with fields, and Word Help in Office 2004 only gives mouse commands, not keyboard shortcuts, for commands that would usually involve F9. You can reset Exposé in System Preferences to use a different set of keys, hot corners, or mouse-click commands.

Or you can dig the Word commands out of Tools Customize (look under “All Commands”), and put them on a toolbar or assign a different keyboard shortcut.

You can also access many commands by right-clicking or control-clicking on a field.

It came after all the _Ref links (internal cross-references in the document) and before the bookmarks/fields that we use for the document properties, which meant it was very likely at the very end of the document (it was the only chart in the final appendix).

And when I clicked on the suspect item in the Links window, the full source file information showed that it was an Excel file located on one of my client’s servers.

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thank you I’m still wondering why –up to now- there isn't an option that updates all the fields automatically!

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