Updating firmware for cd dvd burners

Posted by / 13-Feb-2019 22:34

There are versions available for: I used the 64-bit Windows version and ran it from an administrative command line to make sure I didn’t run into any problems with being unable to access my burner’s internal memory.I then executed the following commands after navigating to the folder containing the flasher (and note case sensitivity): Don’t close the command prompt as you will need it later on.We want to do a text search for the Manufacturer ID (CMCMAG) in the file which you can do as follows: Eleven characters along from the sixth hit is the text “BB5” which looks like a Media Type ID.This text is odd as the two prior references to the Manufacturer ID of “CMCMAG” had Media Type IDs of “BAx” where x was a number.Sounds scary and perhaps rightly so for people who don’t normally poke around in the nether regions of device memory!The utility I used for this is called Flasher (otherwise knows as Devilsclaw’s Flasher).

Click on the Change Options button if you want to adjust your personal settings for the burning process. So, I hav3 managed to burn the file to a CD-R and followed the instructions from sony to update the firmware; but !Don’t be alarmed, just shut down your computer (i.e.power it off, not just a reboot) and it should come good during the subsequent boot up.Will post back if I manage to get a sucessfull burn.Cheers Steven AFAIK (open the Help file) mine (v9) says: Current Write Options Depends on inserted disc.

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I have repeated the steps after powering off by removing the power socket from the rear with giving it a few hours to try to complete and same over and over again its just not possible to complete the update.