Updating firmware thomson speedtouch Free trial adults party line

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Updating firmware thomson speedtouch

Thank you hi there by the way you will get a bill for £35 pounds for the router if you dont send it back i know i had 3 of them i had 4 days to send them back our i would get a bill for each one /by the way you can not get the thomson tg585 v7 firmware for love nor money /most are pre intalled firmware for the isp provider Anon, Be routers are indeed a no no, but TG585 v7's, branded by other ISP's, will accept a firmware update.I have done it with one Tiscali and two Plus Net branded TG585 v7's, currently using generic firmware for my uno SMPF (partial LLU - G.992.5 annex A) connection without any problems.I expect most general-purpose distros to have the required packages.Vim is my text editor, substitute yours in the following instructions.

These instructions are for a Thomson 516v6 ADSL single-port ethernet router purchased in the UK in February 2008.

Hi I seem to have deleted / mislaid my copy of Firmware v for the 585v6 and despite Googling I can't find a live link to it (there is only a dedicated Be version on the Thomson site). Thanks It seems to be exceedingly hard to get hold of.

I do have a copy which was kindly sent to me by tarka, which as yet I havent had chance to do anything with.

Problem is, it's asking for the same Static IP, Default Gateway and when you select 'setup', so I can see no option to set it up with the details provided for C&W LLU service. Other crazy thing is this: If I try and connect by FTP to upload a template and/or use the restore/backup utility at

be=0&l0=0&l1=1&tid=BACKUP_RESTORE, it requests a user/pass NOTHING works ..

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I have downloaded the correct dynamic IP template from the Be site (Dyn.tpl), but how on earth do I actually install it on the bebox? The profile settings are stored in an .ini, but the Be templates are in a different format and apparently need to be uploaded to the router via FTP. So I have my fast new internet connection, but the wrong router!