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The update is complete when the PM5 displays the Main Menu.

You can then do your workout or take the USB flash drive to another PM5 that needs updating.

Note: When updating from version 12 and earlier (indoor rowers) or version 712 or earlier (Ski Ergs), follow the USB Cable procedure.

The update takes several minutes, and the PM5 displays “update in progress” messages during this time.

Consider the following: "In order to not update every link's freshness from a minor edit of a tiny unrelated part of a document, each updated document may be tested for significant changes (e.g., changes to a large portion of the document or changes to many different portions of the document) and a link's freshness may be updated (or not updated) accordingly." Changes made in “important” areas of a document will signal freshness differently than changes made in less important content.

This freshness score may boost a piece of content for certain search queries, but degrades as the content becomes older.These monitors were put into circulation in December 2016.Fill in the form below to get notified every time a new firmware update is released.To update the firmware in your PM5, you need a computer, the free Concept2 Utility software and either a USB flash drive or USB cable.Before upgrading: After downloading and installing the Concept2 Utility, follow one of the procedures below.

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(More on this later.) Below are ten ways Google may determine the freshness of your content.

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