Updating generic general ledger tables

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FI-SL line items: Line item Data Source provides actual data at line item level.

Full and Delta mode: FI-SL line items can be extracted both in full and delta upload mode.

There are 2 types of interfaces: 1)Inbound Interface: will be used to upload the data from legacy system (Flat files) into Oracle Applications base tables.

Once an Info-Package is executed, the SAP BW Staging Engine calls the CO-PA transaction data interface.

CO-PA extraction program for the SAP BW uses the same replication method as the update program for CO-PA updating summarization levels.

Half an hour was chosen as the safety delta to overcome any time differences between the clocks on the different application servers.

Please check the below links for more information: (FI-GL) Special Purpose Ledgers: These will be designed as per business needs (User defined, Ex: FI-SL) The FI-SL Data Source can supply the data both at totals record level and also at line item level How the data extraction happens?

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Before running the delta, please check the restrictions in the below link Delta-Special Ledger When none of the SAP- predefined extractors meeting the business demand, then the choice is to go for Generic extraction We will go for Generic extraction: Scenario 1: The last run delta was failed(Not applicable to ALE based datasources) Solution: Make the QM status red, delete the request from all targets Re-schedule the load this time it will prompt a window as shown below Click on request again, it will recover the failed request Senario2: Everyday delta was running fine but you find suddenly delta is missing for certain period (the reason may be anything), Solution: 1. Reload data from an ODS Object or an Info Cube (in a layered Architecture, EDW approach) Applicable to Logistics: Please refer “One stage stop to know all about BW Extractors-Part1” to get an idea on Logistics extraction .

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