Updating htc t8585 touch flo 3d

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Before Touchflo 3D hit the market, one of the more popular Today Screen alternatives was SPB's Mobile Shell.

There are some reservations over Touchflo 3D's usefulness and SPB Mobile...

We've already seen Manila 2.5 (aka the next generation of Touch FLO 3D).

Now Manila 2.6 has been outed from the upcoming (but still unannounced) HTC Leo. Gone are the drab white icons, instead completely replaced by the colorful images...

There's hardware for an FM radio, but why no software?

This is all still in early beta, so bugs are likely...On top of building phones that continue to increase in sophistication, HTC also has continued to evolve its custom OS skin.We're all used to Touch FLO and Touch FLO3D on Windows Mobile.And you thought the Android kids were the favorite child of HTC now with that whole Sense thing.We couldn't tell you at the time, but HTC has been hard at work updating Touch FLO 3D. Our sources had told us that Manila 2.5 (Manila's the not-so-super-secret nerd name for Touch FLO, btw), basically takes the Windows Mobile out of Windows Mobile, and boy howdy...

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More info on that here (pdf link), and find more at Facebook.com/windowsmobile. Here's a grilling an interview with a couple of HTC Europe execs from Polish smartphone site

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