Updating joomla 1 5

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Updating joomla 1 5

If you find anything else, though, please report it. Well, you can think what you want to think, but you'll see. It will incorporate the new reports/printing system I've been working on, and it will be the first release to use the new version numbering scheme.NOTE: There is still a major security issue in this release (and several previous ones). Expect posts and documentation about all of this in the days (possibly just hours) to come. (0 comments) 0.5.2pre4, a prerelease of Open Biblio 0.5.2 is available for download and testing.Thanks to all the dedicated people who've been cleaning up after the robots -- without you, the wiki would've become completely useless long ago.If you have any problems with the CAPTCHA, email me.There are still a number of known bugs, including a lot of text that doesn't use the translation system.This has been an ongoing problem, but we're hoping to fix it (and a bunch of other longstanding issues) in the next major release.They funded most of the work that went into 0.6.0, and it probably wouldn't be here without their help.

Its main new feature is a completely rewritten reports system.The new system is much more flexible, but just a bit more complicated to use.It also fixes a security hole that was present in the old reports system.Any feature changes will require a change to one of the higher numbers. You can download 0.6.0 here (1 comments) I just uploaded version 0.5.2.It fixes a number of security issues and introduces a number of new features over 0.5.1.

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Unfortunately, 0.5.2 has (re)introduced a number of translation problems.